“We Need to be Realistic”, says man with ‘ENGLAND ‘18’ Tattooed Across his Forehead

by James Copeland

An England fan who got an ‘ENGLAND ‘18’ tattoo after their friendly win against Costa Rica has urged supporters to keep some perspective about England’s prospects in Russia.

Barry Chimp, from Fudley,  has also placed his life-savings on England to lift this year’s World Cup after a victorious penalty shoot-out against Argentina in the final.

“It’s about managing expectations,” explained Chimp, who steals hubcaps for a living after getting fired from his previous job. “Southgate has chosen a young, inexperienced squad who still have a few World Cups in them yet. But the way we played in our two pre-tournament friendlies has made it abundantly clear that football is most definitely on its way home.”

Such is Chimp’s confidence that he has committed to a life-changing tattoo, one that destroyed his otherwise promising career in the NHS.

“Every year we say it’s going to be our year,” said Chimp. “And it never is. But did you see the squad Southgate picked for Russia? Trent Alexander-Arnold has been given the nod. Joe Hart has been left at home. We’re so young and dynamic now. I’d be an idiot not to get this tattoo.”

More to follow.

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