Wayne Hennessey ‘desperate’ to learn about Black Lives

by Chris Rivers

Crystal Palace goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey is “desperate” to learn about Black Lives and systematic racism, says Eagles manager Roy Hodgson.

Hennessey was subject to scrutiny from the public last year after his hand coincidentally formed the shape of a Nazi salute in a squad photo, despite knowing nothing about Adolf Hitler or the Nazi regime.

Hennessey has since taken matters into his own, now non-saluting, hands and proactively completed his BTEC qualification in history.

Mrs Johnson, his history teacher at Selhurst Middle School claimed during parents evening that “He (Wayne) was unlucky to not receive a distinction following his exceptional marks in the Nazi Germany modules”.

“His overall grade was ultimately driven down by an unclassified mark in the History of Race module, in which he submitted a 5,000-word analysis of Paula Radcliffe’s 2005 Marathon Win.”

The Wales international, 33, was last week photographed with blackface in the background of Max Meyer’s #BlackLivesMatter Instagram post, and has received more public backlash due to another historical fumble.

Hennessey denied the charge and said any resemblance of his blackface to black people’s faces was “absolutely coincidental”.

The FA panel found Hennessey showed a “lamentable degree of ignorance” about Racism.

Hodgson says a lack of knowledge about race could be “rife” in football but backs his reserve goalkeeper to push on and further his study into history.

“He is actually very desperate now to learn as much as he can”.

“Together – the club and Kick It Out – we will sort it out.”

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