Third Season of Serial Podcast to Focus on Disappearance of Tottenham Summer Transfers

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The infamous Serial podcast has announced that their upcoming season is set to focus on the mysterious disappearance of Tottenham’s summer signings.

“We suspect they have made at least two signings,” said host and Executive Producer Sarah Koenig, scrawling through the timelines of various Twitter in the knows. “It could be more but nobody knows for sure. The official line is that it’s zero but we’re not having it.”

Koenig, who kindly invited our team to her impressive LA condo, was eager to show us where she was up to with the case. A polaroid of Daniel Levy was pinned to the wall behind her desk with the words ‘don’t believe his lies’ etched in to the white of the picture.

While rumours will have you believe Tottenham are gearing up to make moves on the last day of the transfer window, Koenig was dubious.

“It’s a smokescreen. Everyone knows Jack Grealish doesn’t count. There’s something deeper to this and I plan to unearth whatever it is over 8 episodes which you can listen to wherever you get your podcasts.”

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