Sky and BT Email Reveals ‘Murder Ball’ Plans After £4.464bn Premier League Acquisition

by Mitch Murphy

Sky and BT once again swept up the Premier League TV rights this week but left the football community confused after plans for a new format titled ‘Murder Ball’ was leaked.

The two broadcasters have been rumoured to be wanting ‘serious change’ in the way the Premier League product is showcased after viewership dipped over the past season. In a leaked email trail, both Sky and BT directors can be seen discussing: ‘something like a ball but it’s made of knives’ and ‘how about the same ball but with even more knives’.

Both companies have vehemently denied the validity of the leaked email with the head of communications for Sky stating: ‘It wouldn’t even be knives anyway. It would be like a ball made of sick katana swords or something.’

Whether this new variation of the game is implemented is yet to be seen but this certainly doesn’t mark the first time the two broadcasting giants have attempted to mix things up. In 2015, Sky and BT announced their plans to supply all Premier League full backs with RoboCop style Auto 9 select-fire machine pistols that would be holstered in a concealed alcove in all defenders thighs before being told that was not a real thing.

So what do you think? Should defenders be equipped with sci-fi weaponry in exchange for ratings? Let us know in the non-existent comment section below.

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