Scientists Warn Forest Green May Be Gone In 10 Years

by Chris Rivers

We are destroying Forest Green so quickly they may be gone in 10 years. At current rates of deforestation, Forest Green will vanish altogether in a decade.

As the trees go, the chance of slowing or reversing climate change becomes slimmer. Deforestation causes carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, to linger in the atmosphere and trap solar radiation.

In 2006, Forest Green were forced to move to The New Lawn after their old lawn was burnt to a crisp during a record-breaking hot summer that saw temperatures in the region rise to 45 degrees.

With temperatures now lingering around 36 degrees in September, opposition sides are struggling to cope with the conditions when visiting The New Lawn, seeing Forest Green go unbeaten at home this season.

A recent study showed that 97% of Forest Green fans are now pro-deforestation having seen the correlation between opponent performance and temperature.

We spoke to a very tanned season ticket holder, Tommy Burntree, who explained how fans have started taking deforestation into their own hands.

“After Stevenage held us to a sweaty draw, hundreds of us marched into the Green Forest and began attacking the trees. The ground just wasn’t hot enough. We need to smash in at least 30 trees before Crawley visit”.

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