Rupert Murdoch Supports ‘Kick It Out’ Campaign for 25 Seconds Before Returning to Usual Agenda

by Mitch Murphy

After years of progress, Rupert Murdoch and his Sky corporation were able to heroically revert the subject of racism in football back to a simple black and white issue.

The move to honour the Kick It Out campaign by showcasing the opening 25 seconds of the England Vs Switzerland game in black and white has come as a surprise to all as Murdoch, who has celebrated his life of success and wealth by pioneering racism and xenophobia, was thought to be set to launch his new rival ‘Kick It In’ campaign.

High Press News were able to obtain leaked audio from a conference call made between high ranking Sky officials and the demon headed Murdoch via an anonymous and possibly imaginary source:

“Mein Rupert, it’s Mike from marketing. How about we make the opening 10 seconds of the next England game black and white in honour of Kick It Out’s 25th anniversary?”

“If you think 10 seconds of black and white football is going to do anything to give the illusion we care about racism in football you’re sadly mistaken,” replied Murdoch, presumably stroking a bald cat from the comfort of his volcano lair. “Make it 25.”

Racists across England were quick to respond to the black and white gesture with a planned 25 seconds of over-saturation to counter the Kick It Out movement.

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