Pogba Questions His Own Attitude After Dabbing on Sick Child’s Head at Local Hospital Visit

by Mitch Murphy

For the second time in a week Paul Pogba has been left questioning his own attitude after relentlessly dabbing all over a sick child at a local children’s hospital in Manchester.

Jeremy Ill, an 8 year old child who was admitted to the hospital after watching Manchester United on the weekend, was overjoyed to discover that he was about to meet one of his idols. But the chance meeting quickly descended in to chaos as Pogba burst in to the child’s room dabbing with reckless abandon.

Pogba, who was found wandering around several hospital wards for hours due to not being able to find his man, was eventually led to Jeremy after receiving specific instructions he barely managed to follow.

“He was hitting aimless passes around the hospital for hours. Any attempts to stop him were rebutted by his protests that he was simply ‘trying to make something happen’. We never got to the bottom of what that something was. We’ve even watched the CCTV footage – still no idea.”

Jose Mourinho has so far declined to comment, but High Press News understands the Manchester United manager has inexplicably fined Luke Shaw for Pogba’s misdemeanor.

More to follow.

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