Paul Pogba Delivers Cryptic Message in Interview: “Fuck Mourinho”

by Mitch Murphy

Journalists across the world are racking their brains trying to decipher the latest coded message delivered by Manchester United maestro Paul Pogba in his post-match interview.

“We were beyond shite,” said the French World Cup winner, his body language giving nothing away. When asked to elaborate, Pogba continued, “I hate everything about this club and, in particular, the manager. Fuck Mourinho.”

Reporters are feverishly attempting to piece the jigsaw together, suggesting there may be a player-manager rift at Old Trafford.

“We obviously can’t say for certain that his is the case but the signs are there,” said Tom Wanker of the Sun. “The public rely on us, the astute journalists of football, to make sense of situations like this so we will continue to investigate.”

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