Marcus Rashford Accuses FPL Managers of Wasting Chips That Could Help Feed Starving Children

by Mitch Murphy

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has sensationally claimed that the world of Fantasy Football is not doing its part when it comes childhood poverty.

The game, which has a total player count of almost 7.5m, wastes around 37.5m chips a year, chips which the England ace believes would be better used elsewhere.

“I saw Luke Shaw’s first wildcard earlier in the year and it was a joke. Used it to get Pukki in when he was in form. Didn’t score for 8 games following. Waste of a chip. And he’s not the only one to blame here.”

Rashford has called on Boris Johnson to intervene but sources close to the Prime Minister have revealed he is reluctant to give up his chips and plans on bench boosting GW30 with a wildcard in GW31 in order to close a 19 point gap on Michael Gove who sits atop his only pay to play mini league.

“You see statistics like 77.4% of the top 0.1% of FPL players still have multiple chips left. How have we got to a stage in which the elite are allowed to hoard such wealth? Those chips could help feed families but instead they’ll be wasted on a bench boost including a 3.9 keeper plus some other trash fodder for an 8 point haul. It’s not right.”

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