Man who won £37.50 off a £3 acca quits stable job to pursue full-time betting career

Somebody needs to warn PaddyPower

A man who has profited £34.50 off a 4-fold acca has decided to quit his cushty senior role in accounting in order to focus on “picking more winners”, despite making a net loss of £217.50 across the course of the month so far.

Keith Gobson, from Weymouth, packed up his things and told his line-manager to “shove this job up your arse” as soon as the winnings landed in his PaddyPower account.

“I don’t regret a thing” explained Keith, who we found Googling EC Sao Bento’s recent away form. “I’m going to reinvest that £37.50 on some more hunches. If things go according to the business plan I wrote down on the back of this takeaway leaflet, I should be sat on about £73,000 by the end of the week.”

Unlike most professional gamblers, the 37 year old prefers to trust his instincts over thorough research. “I could spend hours looking at how Huddersfield have historically performed in wintery conditions, but why bother when I have an indisputable gut feeling that they’re going to lose to Swansea by a 3-goal margin?”

A close friend of Keith’s, Barry Davis, is worried about the sudden change in career path. “I’d say about 7% of his predictions are accurate” explained Barry. “He spends most of his time complaining that his accumulator was out by one goal, but still insists on watching Match of the Day to dwell on all the missed chances. I’m not sure he’s got it in him, to be honest.”

Nonetheless, Keith remains adamant that betting is the career for him. “Of course, professional gamblers don’t get a pension plan or annual leave, but who needs it when you’re pulling in 4 figures a day? If you want a few tips, let me know.”

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