Man City’s Build-up Play Becomes 3rd Most Searched Term on Pornhub

by James Copeland

Manchester City’s slick style of football has become the 3rd most searched term on popular pornography website, Pornhub.

Video results include a compilation of De Bruyne’s key passes, David Silva’s off-the-ball movement and a comprehensive analysis of Guardiola’s tactical approach to big games.

“The only curves I care about are the ones on Gundogan’s crosses” said Jonathan Belchley from Croydon, who also collects Next catalogues in order to look at the lingerie sections. “Why would I want to see a girl getting pounded from behind when I see Stoke getting pounded 8-2 instead? Our passing play is more beautiful than any pornstar I’ve ever seen.”

Salah’s Goals to Minutes Ratio, Jamie Carragher Spitting and Sam Allardyce Cosplay are among the other trending search terms that make Pornhub’s top 20 list, but some people aren’t happy with the announcement.

“I’m in the process of making some revenge porn” said Joe Hart, who is currently struggling on loan at West Ham. “It’’ll involve footage of my fantastic distribution play at West Ham interspersed with phone conversations with Guardiola that discuss coming back next season.”

More to follow.

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