Man Angry After Wasting £3,000 on a #WengerOut Flyover This Weekend

by James Copeland

An Arsenal fan has expressed his frustration after Wenger announced his departure from the club 2 days before he had arranged a £3,000 #WengerOut flyover for the West Ham game on Sunday.

The inexplicably wealthy North London man, who also enjoys throwing coins at referees and opposing players, has told High Press News the plane will continue to fly despite Wenger’s resignation. “I’ve put down a non-refundable deposit, so I’m going to fly it and hope the crowd think it’s an ironic nod to the resignation” he explained. “But really it’s just because I hate Wenger.”

The #WengerOut movement has gripped a large section of disillusioned Arsenal fans in recent years, who felt their team’s consistent top 6 finishes and multiple FA Cup trophies were dragging the Arsenal name through the mud.

“I started supporting Arsenal in 2014” tweeted one supporter. “Apparently we used to be a fantastic club. Now we can’t even finish above teams that have spent hundreds of millions more than us. Wenger had to leave.”

ArsenalFanTv, meanwhile, has held an emergency meeting to discuss who they can scapegoat once Wenger has departed. “We’re brainstorming a few options,” said Robbie Lyle. “But we’re almost certainly just going to choose our next manager.” Following Wenger’s statement, #WengersReplacementOut has already begun to trend worldwide.

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