Giorgio Chiellini Becomes International Brand Ambassador for Saxa Salt

by James Copeland

Giorgio Chiellini has become the first ever International Brand Ambassador for Saxa Salt, after rubbing nearly 13 tonnes of it into Tottenham’s wounds last night.

The Juventus defender, known for his hulking frame and for being “that Italian bloke that Suarez bit in the World Cup”, used the popular British seasoning in the post-match interview following his team’s victory over Tottenham.

“It’s a fantastic advert for us” beamed Steven Saxa, the founder and Director of Saxa Salt. “Giorgio has proved that Saxa can be used to improve the flavour of virtually anything: from your local fish and chips to a sweet, sweet win in the Champions League.”

“We’re expecting lots from our new Ambassador. We’ve got plans for a new Youtube channel called ‘You’re Shite and You Know You Are’, where Giorgio will recount famous Juventus wins whilst slagging off the opponents. If you love salt, you’re in for a real treat.”

But Chiellini’s choice of salt has angered some. Maldon Salt – which gets away with being more expensive by calling itself “sea salt” – were disappointed not to benefit from the free publicity. “Why use Saxa when you can use the finest salt crystals sourced from British seas?” asked Jerry Maldon. “If you’re going to rub the salt in, it should at least be artisan salt.”

More to follow.

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