English FA Agree to Host Games in Asgard to Combat La Liga USA Deal

by Mitch Murphy

FA Chief Executive Peter Football has today revealed that English Premier League clubs will be forced to host at least one league fixture a season in the fictional Marvel realm of Asgard – this move coming hours after news broke that the Spanish FA struck a deal to host games with the USA.

Mr. Football greeted the gathered press outside Football Association headquarters stating, “With America off the table we were fairly limited with our options. It was either The Upside Down from Stranger Things, Asgard, or ask NASA if we could play on the sun. Someone actually said with the way the weather has been we have already played on the sun! That was a good one. We all laughed at that. But then we got back to serious business and agreed on Asgard.”

The move to host games interdimensionally has been well received by local Asgardians who are excited to watch Premier League stars up close for the first time. High profile Asgardian Thor recently took to Twitter describing the news as ‘I don’t know what football is’.

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