England Fans Suddenly Care About Nations League

by James Copeland

England fans have declared they are now fully invested in the UEFA Nations League after a shock victory against Spain.

Following a goalless draw against Croatia last week, the tournament had been dismissed as a waste of time by pundits and fans alike. But 3 first-half goals against an in-form Spanish side have now made the UEFA Nations League more important than the World Cup, according to every English person.

‘This is massive’ said John Brexit, who until now has spearheaded a fierce campaign to reinstall Sam Allardyce as England Manager until Sean Dyche becomes available. ‘I’ve spent the last month telling my kids that this tournament means nothing, but beating Spain on their home turf? Now it now means everything. Did you know it’s our youngest team since 1959? Just incredible.’

Meanwhile, Southgate is now odds-on to be made Godfather to Harry and Meghan’s unborn child. ‘We’re thinking of calling him Gareth’ admitted Meghan following Raheem Sterling’s 2nd goal. ‘If it’s a girl, we’ll probably go for Garethette’.

More to follow.

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