Dele Alli: “Some of my best teammates are Asian”

by Mitch Murphy

Tottenham and England star Dele Alli has hit out at the FA after the governing body issued the player with a one match ban for insensitive comments made on social media regarding an Asian man and the Coronavirus.

Alli, who spent the entire interview dressed in a kimono with his eyes sellotaped narrow, says he doesn’t understand why his actions were considered offensive. “How can I, Dele Alli, have anything I say or do be construed as racist when I choose to play with Asian players? I mean we have Sonny, and, erm, well his name is ‘Heung-min’ and if you have two names you count as two.”

Alli is set to miss Tottenham’s first match back against Manchester United – a match which many consider will be a deciding factor come the end of the season chase for Champions League places.

“Actually, you should see Hugo Lloris drive, man. He could definitely have a bit of Asian in him. And I play with these people. Mingle with them every day. So, you know. What are those massive knives they’re always swinging around? I even like them. Katana? No, never played with him, sorry.”

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