Bolt Thanks Aussie Make A Wish Foundation For Debut Brace

by James Copeland

Usain Bolt was quick to thank the Australian branch of the Make a Wish Foundation for their role in helping him to realise his boyhood dream of scoring in a “professional” game of football.

The sprinter was allowed to score two goals for the Central Coast Mariners in a 4-0 win against Macarthur South West, which also saw a 7-year-old leukemia patient and a 92-year-old war veteran contribute with goals.

Usain Bolt’s parents, Lightning and Metal, have also thanked the Make a Wish Foundation, as well as the Central Coast Mariners for giving him the opportunity. “To give a man who clearly has no natural footballing ability the chance to realise his dream is incredible,” the pair said in a joint statement. “Having bounced from club to club for the past 2 years, we were beginning to worry that it just wouldn’t happen for him. Luckily, the Mariners were desperate enough for the PR and it’s finally happened.”

“It’s a joy to have Usain in the squad,” said G. Daymate, the manager of the Central Coast Mariners. “Elon Musk is next on our list. He contacted us and told us it’s his dream to score a panenka penalty against the Western Sydney Warriors, so we’re working on making it happen.”

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