ArsenalFanTV Excited to Welcome Newest Scapegoat to the Club

They’ve already printed their #EmeryOut t-shirts

ArsenalFanTV is absolutely confident that new appointment Unai Emery will provide the perfect excuse for another mediocre season, it has been announced.

The wildly popular Youtube channel has already began to plan its content for next season, starting with a 1-hour special focusing on Emery’s worst career moments.

“After Wenger left, we were naturally concerned about a lack of things to get belligerently angry about” explained Robbie Lyle, the founder and presenter of ArsenalFanTV. “Thankfully, Unai Emery comes to us on the back of a disappointing Champions League campaign with PSG. That on its own is enough for about 3 or 4 months’ worth of content. Can Emery cope in Europe’s big leagues? Is he just a fraud who had a bit of luck with Sevilla? It’s going to be a feast.”

“The beauty is that it doesn’t actually matter how well he does in his debut season,” continued Lyle, “we’re experts at finding something to complain about. We’ve already filmed 2 versions of our end of season reaction video. If we have a great season, Dale Twatley calls Emery a one-season-wonder and spits into the camera. If we have a bad season, Dale Twatley proclaims he knew Emery would never change things and spits into the camera. No matter what happens, the camera is going to get moist. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Reaction to the Spaniard’s appointment has been widely met with approval from the Arsenal fanbase, but this hasn’t deterred ArsenalFanTV. “Our job isn’t to be the voice of Arsenal fans,” insisted Lyle, “it’s to be the voice of about 7 or 8 men who get the same tattoos as Jack Wilshere and claim to have graduated from “the university of hard knocks” on their LinkedIn profiles.”

More to follow.

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